Our packages, monthly subscriptions, and a la carte services are designed to help you and/or your loved ones manage heart failure properly to prevent readmission to the hospital.

Initial In-Home Visit

Within 24 hours of discharge, we conduct an initial in-home visit to help our patients manage the physical, mental, and emotional challenges of heart failure. Whether that be how to properly weight one’s self, monitor fluids for overload, and/or arrange follow-up appointments, our initial in-home visits ensure that you’re in the best possible position to stay safe and comfortable at home, reducing the risk of readmission. Our initial in-home visit consist of:

Assessment & review of discharge instructions
Translating complicated medical jargon
Setting expectations through teach-back educations
Checking for proper materials
Family involvement and communication (if needed)
Follow-up phone call 24 hours after initial in-home assessment


Welcome Home Package

Our Welcome Home Package includes an initial post-discharge visit, medication review, medication pick-up/medication delivery management, discharge orders review (diet, fluid monitoring, weighing techniques, etc.), follow-up appointment scheduling, and a check-in phone call after 24 hours.


Welcome Home PLUS Package

Our Welcome Home Plus Package includes all the listed services in our Welcome Home Package (initial visit, 24-hour follow-up, etc.) with an additional follow-up within 7 days of discharge (via home visit, Zoom, phone, etc.)


Heart Function Monitoring Package

Our Heart Function Monitoring Package includes all services provided in our Welcome Home Plus Package and two weeks of follow-up (3-follow-up sessions in week one, and 2 follow-up sessions in week two). This package also has the option to add customizable follow-up sessions to review medication, diet, and/or other important aspects of heart failure management.


Monthly Subscription

Heart Function Maintenance Package

Our monthly subscription package, the Heart Function Maintenance Package, can be purchased after any of our other packages have been completed. This monthly subscription offers ongoing support that includes weekly in-home/virtual visits, medication review (especially after medication changes), meal planning review, and appointment scheduling/reminder. Our monthly subscription may aid in slowing the progression of heart failure disease.

A La Carte

Contact us to learn more about our a la carte services which include:

  • Meal Delivery
  • Transportation Services