At Beating Heart failure It’s our goal to help heart failure patients manage their condition from the comfort of their homes. Through education and support, we partner with you and/or your loved ones to prevent readmission to the hospital and improve quality of life while living with heart failure

Meet Yvonne Stolworthy

MSN, RN & Founder of Beating Heart Failure

As an RN since 1984, Yvonne has spent much of her career at the bedside in the ICU. Prior to retiring from the hospital, she worked in Quality Management. Month after month there were discussions about patients who were discharged from hospital with heart failure who would return less than a month later because they did not know how to properly care for their heart failure!

Yvonne saw that many patients were not getting their medications from the pharmacy right away, and the ones who did, were often unable to take their medications properly because labels were difficult to understand. Furthermore, many heart failure patients were missing their first doctor’s appointments after discharge, which resulted in readmission to the hospital. Yvonne was determined to do something about this prominent issue, so she started Beating Heart Failure!

Beating Heart Failure reduces the uncertainty of how to live well with heart failure through support and education. From getting patients to important medical appointments, helping patients take medication as the doctor has prescribed, and making healthy food choice, Yvonne and her team of qualified healthcare professionals help patients live well with heart failure and remain in their own homes.