Living Well With HF

At Beating Heart failure we’re here to help you manage your heart failure. Through education and support, we help you stay healthy, stay happy, and stay out of the hospital!

How We Help

Did you know that heart failure is one of the most common reasons that patients return to the hospital?¬†However, readmission disrupts personal life, family life, and careers. But the reality is that many heart failure patients end up back in the hospital less than a month after discharge–we’re here to change that!

At Beating Heart Failure, we are a team of critical care nurses dedicated to helping patients manage their heart failure and avoid returning to the hospital. From medication management, helping you make healthy food choices, and everything in-between, we’re here to provide you with support, education, and compassion, so you can manage your HF and stay our of the hospital.

Our Specialties

Medication Management & Education

Most patients do not have a good understanding of their discharge instructions. Through medication education, we help patients follow discharge instructions, manage medications, and understand their prescriptions.

Beating Heart Failure

Symptoms Management & Recognition

If you’re not a medical professional, it can be difficult to recognize HF symptoms. We educate our patients, so they can manage, recognize, and understand their symptoms.


Some HF patients don’t have the desire and/or resources to make it to their medical appointments. We offer a la carte transportation services that ensure that our patients get to all their appointments.

Beating Heart Failure


Exercise is an important aspect of managing heart failure, however many HF patients do not maintain a healthy exercise regime. We help by working with patients to develop exercise plans that improve health and/or comply with cardiac rehab instructions.

Diet Management

Diet management is often a challenging aspect of managing heart failure. We work with our patients on meal preparation to ensure they’re eating heart-healthy foods that are not detrimental to heart health.


Communication is key to managing heart failure. We help improve communication channels between our patients, family members, and physicians so everyone is on board and informed.

Heart Failure doesn’t have to control your life! We help you live well with HF.

Are You A Healthcare Provider?

We act as a resource for healthcare providers looking to help heart failure patients prevent re-admission to the hospital. Not only are less-than-30-day readmissions bad for patients, but can result in financial penalties for providers.

Through one-on-one support, we work with your patients and their families to manage heart failure and reduce the likelihood of readmission. Whether you’re a cardiologist, primary care office, physician, or just concerned about your patient’s well-being, we partner with your practice to help your patients manage their HF.